DSW Collective

Education & Social Responsibility

Education & Social Responsibility

Public Collaborations

DSW art studio and foundry not only strives towards the ideal of gift-economy within our local social position in Pretoria, but also in the larger context of South Africa.

Our aim is to uplift our visual landscape: to instil an understanding that contemporary public art and sculpture plays a positive role within our lived environment.

Our support to the Cool Capital DYI Guerrilla Biennale programs (2014/2016) generated priceless reward as we were represented at the Venice Biennial on the South African Pavilion under Cool Capital and received a BASA Award for our PPC collaboration. For Cool Capital we donated large scale public art to the city of Pretoria, taught public art projects at city schools, co-ordinated and drove technically complex incentive art projects and initiated educational studio walkabouts and open-days.

The foundry officially initiated Open Foundry Day in collaboration with five other foundries around the city. Studio artists, presented practical art modules focussed on public art to various high schools, while these artists also donated artworks to their respective schools. Large scale installations created at DSW such as ‘Lady on a Donkey�was gifted as a permanent installation to Waterkloof Hoër Pretoria, whereas, ’Pinned Transitory�was exhibited at Afrikaans Hoër Meisiesskool for the duration of the program. For its involvement in the PPC Public Bench Project collaboration, DSW recieved a BASA Award for Innovation (in 2015).

Our studio expands on the idea of gift-economy through Land Art collaborations. Since its inception (in 2011) we have been supporting the Site-Specific Land Art biennale in Plettenberg Bay. DSW furthermore participated in two Africa Burn Kankwa Karoo Festivals, (2012/2014) in the Creative Projects initiative. During the last Burn we collaborated with other foundrymen and forgers to cast a ‘metal glyph�(metal drawing) on the Tankwa desert floor.


We welcome visiting tours where we address traditional and modern foundry processes and studio practices. With this, our aim is to stimulate visual literacy, art awareness and to motivate the youth to pursue art as a tool to communicate with and to self-express through ‘visual speak�

Organised groups of school children, tertiary students and corporate groups visit DSW studio for educational and inspirational excursions, on a regular basis.

As a creative body, DSW often participates in art exhibitions that host the diversity of the collective. The forth Dionysus Sculpture Works Studio Exhibition (2013) took place at the Arts Association of Pretoria and in 2015 the DSW biannual exhibition, titled Syncopation was presented at the NWU art gallery, in Potchefstroom. This initiative evolved in its ambition to a large scale DSW retrospective, titled; Tacit: Celebrating 20 years at DSW Sculpture Works and Foundry. Tacit was exhibited respectively at NWU gallery, Potchefstroom, and the William Humphreys art gallery, Kimberley (2016).


The foundry and art studio support selected charity organisations and initiatives: the Click foundation education program and related Art Angels charity art auction; Surgeons for Little Lives charity art auction and Mad charity art auction for the Make a Difference foundation.

Our motto is: ‘motho ke motho ka botho babang� which translates to, ‘a person is a person because of other people�

Syncopation group exhibition at Aardklop 2014

Afrika Burn collaboration with other foundries 2014

Lady on a Donkey at Waterkloof High 2014

Schools and Corporate Visits to DSW

‘Foundry day�during Cool Capital 2014

‘Tacit�exhibition, Humphrey’s Museum, Kimberley

‘Tacit�exhibition, NWU Gallery, Potchefstroom

‘Foundry Day�during Cool Capital 2016