Navel Seakamela


Navel Seakamela

Navel Seakamela, born 1991 in Soshanguve, Pretoria. Studied fine and applied art at Tshwane University of technology his work explore themes such as isolation, alienation and depression amongst our generation, capture the raw scenes which are mostly ignored and hidden in our society.

His current work continues the investigation of isolation with in the consumer society; depicting themes such as isolation, alienation and pressure from the societies variety yet on the individuals leads to depression. He always try to depict activities that are happening around Africans but are ignored or not taken into consideration, including the hidden lifestyle of those unrecognized amongst the society. He created conceptual works that expose raw lifestyles of any generation in institutions and the public, using as many different mediums as he can get his hands on. His work during the past years, has been said to have a profound impact on our contemporary culture today, viewers have been enlightened about our social and contemporary meltdown. He finds himself overcoming the same obstacles relating to our infrastructure from his research and art. In his varied and diverse approach to making art; installations; 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions, projects, the context of the work has an impact to viewer.

Email: navelseakamela@hotmail.com